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Dr Jack Wolfson

Dr. Jack Wolfson

Jack Wolfson D.O. is a board-certified cardiologist with over 14 years in practice and is the author of Amazon Best-Seller, The Paleo Cardiologist, The Natural Way to Heart Health.

Heather Wolfson

Dr. Heather Wolfson

Heather Wolfson D.C. is a chiropractic physician who provides chiropractic and nutritional care to adults and children.

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Health is personal, or at least it should be...

Unfortunately, we live in a healthcare world ruled by big pharmacies, pushing pills for profit, unnecessary testing, not to mention poisoning our food and homes to make us more dependent on this so called “medicine.” And so your health has become big business, making it hard to get real answers, honest support, and actually be healthy. Because at every turn the system is stacked against you – even the best doctors are forced to take a Band Aid approach to focus solely on “symptoms” (sometimes they never even change the Band Aid – it’s cookie cutter medicine, left and right) ultimately making us sicker and causing more disease. So we set out to change the system. And not just change it – debunk the lies, once and for all. To be doctors of cause, committed to addressing the root of a patient’s problem, not merely signing a script for some nefarious pill or dangerous invasive test because it makes us more money..   Achieving ultimate health is easier than your doctor would lead you to believe. It’s actually quite simple – you need to eat real food and eliminate toxins. The Paleo lifestyle is a guaranteed (it’s also scientifically proven) roadmap to lasting health – and it’s been around since the dawn of time. By promoting whole, organic foods, evidence-based supplements, regular chiropractic care, and a move-your-body everyday approach to heal the body and prevent disease, we help people just like you achieve ultimate health. But reinventing a system (a heavily brainwashed one) is no small feat. Many people labeled us extreme, our use of supplements as quackery, and undermining us at every turn. But our results are unmatchable. They also happen to be non-invasive, science based, not reliant on big market pharmaceuticals, while actually saving patients thousands of dollars. So you can see why the big medicine men wouldn’t want you to have this knowledge. For them it’s about money. For us – it’s about you and your health. It’s about making the world a healthier place for our family, and yours. We motivate patients to see what’s possible for their own life – what’s healthy, natural, and sustainable without following the latest “trend” or pill promising to help you feel better. Here’s what you will feel – our promise to you: You will be in charge of your health (for the first time!). Because around here, it’s very personal. And living a long, active lifestyle is not for the lucky – it’s for those ready to, not merely survive, but say goodbye to the status quo and attain total health with honest support along the way.

Client Story: Approaching his 40th birthday, Scott was ready for more energy as a husband and father. “I felt easily winded and was about 30 lbs. overweight,” Scott shares. “Weighing 186 lbs., I knew it was time for a serious lifestyle change.” Tired of conventional medicine and relying on pills, quick fixes, and trends, Scott wanted to see if it was possible to make serious, lasting changes by focusing on whole, organic foods and consistent exercise...

We started Scott on the 28-Day Paleo Challenge, making it easy-to-follow, without feeling overwhelmed or deprived. We also wanted to see if Scott could improve his cholesterol, without relying on pharmaceuticals. “I was excited,” Scott says. “I trusted Dr. Wolfson completely and knew this was going to bring me results, but I was still nervous to begin.” What did the Paleo Challenge mean for Scott?  It meant filling up on veggies, especially leafy vegetables, any chance he could; eating organic meat and fish, while eliminating sugar, grains, and dairy. “The first day was hard, “ Scott shares. “But by the second day, it was a lot easier. Sugar temptation crept in for sure, but I focused on high protein, lots of vegetables and as the days went on, the temptation only lasted a split second.” After his “dreams of cake” subsided, Scott immediately noticed his energy had doubled.  This made it easier for Scott to exercise more consistently, every single day. By day 28, Scott uncovered significant life changes. Not only did he lose 10 lbs. (now weighing 176 lbs.), his blood work showed substantial results. His cholesterol down from 278 to 208 and his LDL down from 173 to 127, plus his triglycerides were now cut in half – all without ever taking a pill. Most importantly, this was a lifestyle he could maintain. “Thanks to Dr. Wolfson, I haven’t had heartburn since we began. I have regular bowel movements, more energy for my kids, no sugar cravings. Not to mention, my sex life is much better.” The bad news? “I do have to buy new clothes now,” Scott says. By following a step-by-step whole foods eating plan and finding a consistent exercise schedule, Scott was able to tremendously improve his health in less than 30 days. Not only did Scott prove how possible it is to live a healthy lifestyle without relying on big market medicine, he showed us how lasting it is, as well. Now entering his 41st year, Scott is on the road to ultimate health making him stronger, happier, and an active leader for his family.

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