Heroes. We tend to have them as kids. As we get older, our heroes may change or the idea takes on new meaning. But for me, my hero has always been the same…

Dr. Paul Wolfson was the life of the party – an incredible storyteller filled with jokes, who also finished first in his class. I still encounter his classmates who marvel at his photographic memory. This doctor – my father – was my most important mentor and ultimate hero.

But in his mid-fifties, he suddenly became depressed. Doctors and their pills couldn’t help. Then he started having trouble swallowing, frequent falls, and a loss of facial expression, leaving him a shell of the man he was. The MD’s called in Parkinsonism and eventually PSP. Every doctor seemed to be another pill pusher; one diagnosis after the other, with no one interested in understanding exactly what was going on. My dad died in 2007 after only meeting my son Noah once.

Hardened and saddened by his condition and the obliviousness of the docs, I felt hopeless. After all, I was a doctor, too. I kept thinking, “Why couldn’t I help my father in the way I desperately wanted to? Would I suffer the same fate?” The answers came through a chance meeting at a local farmer’s market…

It was there that I met my future wife, Heather, a chiropractor who insisted that most doctors were just attempting to cover up problems, not healing anyone. This epiphany of cause – what it meant to be a doctor boldly searching for the root of a patient’s problem (most often poor nutrition and exposure to chemicals) was where our focus should lie, and that science actually defended this idea.

Hello, it’s Dr. Heather. When I met Jack, he was eating donuts and Diet Mountain Dew for breakfast. He was clearly brainwashed into the tenets of modern medicine. But I saw something inside him that let me know he was the man to help me awaken the world. Instead of devouring deep-dish pizza, he devoured the medical literature, attended holistic health conferences, and met with physicians who practiced outside of the “pill and procedure” paradigm. Our practice is now busier than ever. Jack and I are changing the world, for our family, and yours. Join us.

By focusing on whole, organic foods, natural supplements, and a toxin-free home, patients can heal the body, prevent disease, and achieve ultimate health. In short, this farmer’s market attitude was the way to go. And that’s exactly what Heather and I do. By testing for heavy metals and food sensitivities, while fully examining hormones and gut function, we provide a plan for health recovery and life longevity.

I couldn’t do this without Heather and I wouldn’t be here without my dad. Every day is a chance to keep his memory alive – to help a father get back to his incredible storytelling – and help so many Americans see that living a long, healthy life is not just for the lucky, it is for those who are ready to take control in a way that feels doable, with honest support along the way.

We’re The Drs. Wolfson, and it’s our goal to give you everything you need to make healthy lifestyle choices for your family. Join us as we foster a community dedicated to holistic health and organic living.


Jack Wolfson, D.O., is a board-certified cardiologist who grew tired of patients failing to truly get well (while sometimes feeling worse) using pharmaceuticals and procedures. As a result, he opened Wolfson Integrative Cardiology where he now uses in-depth testing and targeted nutrition to prevent and treat cardiovascular disease. He treats the whole person, getting to the cause of the issue, instead of treating only the symptoms. Dr. Wolfson offers practical solutions for heart health in person at his office in Paradise Valley, Arizona. He is the author of the Amazon best-seller, The Paleo Cardiologist.

Heather Wolfson, D.C., is a chiropractic physician who provides chiropractic and nutritional care to adults and children. She is an incredible mom who home-birthed her two sons, Noah and Brody, and is raising the children in a holistic fashion that includes breast feeding, co-sleeping, and chemical-free living. Dr. Heather is a native of Arizona, loves the outdoors, and is active in animal rights and environmental safety.

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