Glyphosate pesticide linked to cancer, heart disease, and birth defects

By: thedrswolfson
February 16, 2019
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A recent study found that glyphosate, a common pesticide used under the trade name RoundUp, is linked to a 41% higher risk of lymphoma, in the most exposed group.

This should have the Bayer corporation quaking in their jackboots. They bought out Monsanto (Mon-Satan), the original manufacturer of Round-Up, a few years back.

Sadly, Bayer owns those who pull the strings around the world.

Think our government has our back? Think again. The swine at the EPA denies any cancer link.

The WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) working group’s 2015 decision to classify glyphosate as a grade 2A probable human carcinogen followed an extensive review and evaluation of the weight of all available evidence.

But cancer isn’t the only issue with glyphosate. Add cardiovascular deaths in the mix as well.

A recent study looked at cardiovascular events and fatalities associated with glyphosate. The study group had abnormal ECG findings and higher death rates. Author conclusion: “This study is the first to suggest potentially different toxicities, especially cardiovascular effects, of glyphosate herbicide poisoning in humans.”

17 studies dating back to 1991 document cardiac risk from glyphosate.

A certain mechanism leading to cardiac disease is the fact glyphosate is linked to leaky gut. I have coined the term Leaky Heart Syndrome, linking leaky gut to leaky heart and eventual coronary disease and heart attack risk.

Other effects of glyphosate:

  • 38 pigs from Denmark had congenital malformations and high levels of glyphosate.
  • In laboratory animals, glyphosate can disrupt reproductive development in male rats, and male and female fish.
  • Studies in fish and the amphibian Xenopus laevis demonstrate that developmental exposures to GBHs induce malformations in craniofacial structures and the brain.
  • Research from controlled laboratory studies also suggests that glyphosate may contribute to liver and kidney damage.
  • Can cause serious eye damage based on evaluation of six separate studies.
  • Can induce oxidative stress and genotoxicity


  1. Only eat organic food. Even GMO food is soaked in RoundUp. Every time you buy something that is pesticide riddled, you are poisoning yourself, destroying the planet, and supporting Mon-Satan. A recent study found that pesticide eaters who switched to organic foods saw pesticide levels drop by up to 95%!
  2. Ban glyphosate and other synthetic pesticides. Don’t plan on this option. Vote with your wallet and only eat organic food.
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