Do Childhood Infections Like Chicken Pox and Measles Prevent Cancer?

By: thedrswolfson
January 11, 2019

For the immune system to function properly, it is imperative that babies are exposed to bacteria and viruses in utero and in infancy. Cancer is a disease of immune dysfunction, just like most diseases. When the immune system is damaged from vaccine toxins and false stimulation by unnatural viral and bacterial components injected through a […]

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8 Natural Ways to Boost your Immune System This Holiday Season

By: Ashley Swanson
December 18, 2018

Our immune systems are the basis for health. They are what keep us healthy and functioning every day especially during the stressful times and busy holiday seasons. This is why boosting our immune systems is so imperative. We recommend these eight tips below to support the immune system naturally during the busy and sometimes, stressful, […]

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